" Excellence is in the details. Give attention to the details and excellence will come.” - Perry Paxton
Simplified Survey Process
Design :
  • Clearly define the objectives/purpose of the survey
  • Develop a questionnaire and relate each of the survey questions back to the primary objective keeping it short, clear and precise.
  • Format the survey design and order questions logically for best interpretation of the respondents incorporating the relevant logic in order to populate the questions flow.
  • Review and provide feedback on the survey in order to make necessary changes and finalize the survey.
  • Pre-test the survey on a sample of actual respondents and make the necessary revisions to the questionnaire based on the survey.
  • Once the changes have been incorporated, the survey is ready for distribution.
Distribute :
  • Survey distribution method is dependent on the type of survey conducted and who is participating.
  • Reach out to the target population keep in mind their date, time and environment.
  • Survey can be sent via an e-mail greeting respondents and invite them to take the survey which has a subject line that's relevant, compelling, and including a URL to the survey in the message.
  • Survey can also be posted as a link on a website. Site visitors can then click the link to access client's survey.
  • If the survey is up for an extended period of time, follow up reminder emails can be scheduled to remind respondents to complete the survey.
Derive :
  • Quantitative, qualitative data is collected and analyzed.
  • Quantitative data collected in the survey, result in the form of statistical or measurable summaries.
  • Qualitatively and systematically analyze unstructured or descriptive information and distinguish emerging patterns.
  • Descriptive Analysis involving tabulation or compilation of the data and summarize them both visually and numerically.
  • Inferential Analysis provides that extra information, revealing if relationships are different enough (or similar enough) to warrant impacting business decisions.
  • We will compile the results and mine the data using the appropriate statistical procedures and provide a practical, straightforward report with tables and graphs.